Summer Hours: Mon-Sat, 9:30 am-5:00 pm

Group Visits

Expand learning beyond the classroom through hands-on, educational play! School classes and formally organized community groups enjoy reduced admission to the Virginia Discovery Museum, and VDM welcomes more than 1,200 visitors on field trips each year. With 10 interactive exhibit areas in STEM, literacy, history, and art for preschoolers through middle elementary, the Museum facilitates a playful environment that encourages children to explore new skills and concepts, build resourcefulness, and develop focus and resilience.

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  • Availability: Monday-Friday, 10:00-4:00
  • Reservations: At least 2 weeks in advance to receive the Group Rate
Group Size
  • Children: 6 to 40
  • Required Chaperones:*
    ○ 1 per 5 Kids (Ages 3+)
    ○ 1 per 3 Kids (Under 3)
  • Maximum Size: 50 People
  • Time at Museum: 1 Hour
  • Group Rate: $6/Person (Adults & Children)
  • Required Chaperones: Admitted Free

*Groups with an insufficient number of chaperones may be charged an additional fee.

Choose Your Trip

VDM’s Basic Trip includes a short orientation and one hour to explore the Museum exhibits. If you have a large group or want to extend your time downtown, VDM has partnered with the Jefferson Madison Regional Library’s Central Branch to also offer a Split Trip, which includes one hour of educational play at the Museum plus a personalized story time, library information session (when age-appropriate), and behind-the-scenes tour of the library during a second hour. Large groups can split up between the two locations and trade places for the second hour, while smaller groups can start in one location then travel to the other.

Bus Map

Suggested locations for drop-off, parking, and pick-up.

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Lunch Spots

Nearby areas for your group to enjoy a bite to eat.

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Central Library

Easy five-minute walk from the Museum for even the littlest legs.

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Choose Add-On Options

Add-On #1: Additional Museum Time

Stay and play longer! Groups can add additional Museum time to their visit in 30-minute increments. Rates are based on the total number of adults and children in the group.


Per Half Hour
(Less Than 20 People)


Per Half Hour
(20 to 34 People)


Per Half Hour
(35 to 50 People)

Add-On #2: Themed Activity

Additional $4 per Child. Between 20-45 Minutes.

Complement your classroom lessons! Led by a Museum staff member, themed activities are inspired by VDM’s Traveling Trunks, align with Virginia SOLs, and can be customized to suit your group and schedule.

Book a Date

Group Visit reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Please have the following information ready when you book your trip: desired date and time, alternate date and time, number and age of children, group name, and the leader’s name and contact information. To book a Split Trip, you must contact both the Virginia Discovery Museum and the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library’s Central Branch.

Virginia Discovery Museum

Phone: (434) 977-1025 x102

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Have any Add-Ons? Let the Museum know if you would like to add more gallery time or a themed activity to your trip.

Central Library

Phone: (434) 979-7151 x3

Book Now

Personalize your story time! Let the library know if you desire a specific theme or topic when you book your trip.