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Brand-New Exhibits...

Little C'Ville

The Virginia Discovery Museum’s campaign to support the renovation of our current exhibits continues! We are focused on exhibits that reflect Virginia and offer a truly local learning experience. This September, VDM will take another step forward towards this goal when we introduce our new exhibit, “Little Cville,” in the Back Gallery.

Panera Bread


Sponsored by Panera Bread, this miniature version of one of your favorite restaurants is complete with bread trays, cash registers, tables and chairs, and, of course, Panera aprons and toy versions of Panera’s food. Kids can become the chef and the server; baking their own bread to make a sandwich and wait on their families.

Pollination Station and Bee Hive


VDM’s long-standing Bee Corner recieved a face-lift sponsored by Charlottesville Family Magazine with the help of our dedicated beekeepers, Karen and Ken Hall. A larger bee hive allows visitors to enjoy watching the bees while learning just how important bees are to daily life. Without bees we would all miss peanut butter, jelly, many fruits and vegetables – even our morning coffee. While you are in our Bee Corner you can visit our new orchards, harvest seasonal crops, and sell them in our brand-new Farmers’ Market.




We also have a new mini-Paramount complete with dressing rooms filled with exciting new costumes. Visitors can buy a ticket and some popcorn from our ticket stand / concession booth, and enjoy a stage show in front of our beautiful Paramount mural painted by Ron Paris.

Post Office

As you enter the Back Gallery, you will see a fun Post Office. Play the mailman and deliver postcards and letters to different mailboxes place throughout the museum.



Thanks to the generosity of the Krehmeyer Family, our hallway has been completely renovated to reflect the ABC's and 123's of Virginia. Press sound buttons to learn the alphabet as you walk through and enjoy the fun facts about our state while admiring the beautiful pictures.

Front Gallery

In the Front Gallery, amazing updates and refreshing touches have enhanced the Discovery Garage and Virginia Heritage areas.

New Pipe Organ - Joia Tubes

We have a new addition to our Discovery Garage area - a brand new pipe organ. With accurate notes, this organ lights up when played. Learn songs by notes or by color and enjoy imaginative new melodies.


Thank you to the Hatch Family for supporting the cabin renovation. Spend some time in our expanded Virginia Frontier area built around our Showalter log cabin. We have a new texture station where you an learn all about the different animals the Showalters owned. Visit our new pig pen and chicken coop. Draw water out of the water well to cook cook a pretend meal in the cabin’s fireplace. Visit animals in the stable, see the amazing Monacan Indian mural painted by Ron Paris, and check out our new signs and find out how life was different in Virginia in the 18th century.

TreeHouse Room

The mats are back! Visit our Treehouse Room and take a tumble on the mats. Visitors can also curl up with their favorite teddy bear and relax with a book in one of our comfy corners.

Please consider supporting the exhibit renovation campaign. Your donation will make an impact on the families in our area by improving our interactive exhibits. Take the opportunity to represent your unique business in our Back Gallery. Please call us at 434-977-1025 or donate online at

Permanent Exhibits

A-Mazing Airways

Come visit the Virginia Discovery Museum's engaging Front Gallery exhibition!  Puffs of air make balls and scarves fly through the A-Mazing Airways tubes!

Toddler Room / Pirate Ship

Come see our world under the sea, illustrated by Jodi Matzer.

Open Studio

Children can express their creativity every day by doing art projects in our Open Studio. Thanks to our new Open Studio sponsor, UVa Athletics Cavman's Crew.



Standards of Learning

Click here for Standards of Learning referenced to Museum exhibits, programs and collections..


Please note:
We are ALWAYS looking for help in producing our exhibits.

If you have time to lend, a particular interest in a subject, or know someone we should talk to, please contact us at (434) 977-1025 x105 or